Elowen Patch Overalls Unisex Pre-Order

Elowen Patch Overalls Unisex Pre-Order

Pleas read entire description! This is a pre-order item

Hand made in Thailand, these patch jumpsuits are full of gorgeous designs on patches, and have adjustable stretchy straps with wooden buttons. Side pockets and a front pocket, these take at least 3 hours sew and create! 

These overalls fit up to 50” hips, elastic back and straps with adjustable loops for button secure*please request your colorway in the NOTES of your order! They come in warm and cool colorways. Warm is Red/Orange/Yellows and Cool is Purple/Blue or Greens. 

Not all colors are pictured (green not pictured) Color requests are NOT GUARANTEED and until supplies last!

These are now on pre-order please allow 3-4 weeks to ship